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June 29, 2022
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Find out how chiropractic care can improve sciatica symptoms.

Living with sciatica? If so, then you’re no stranger to pain. The good news is that our Richmond, VA, chiropractor Dr. Scott Shaw, can provide you with the therapeutic, non-invasive care you need to get your symptoms under control. Here’s what you should know,

What Is Sciatica?

When your sciatic nerve—the nerve that originates in your lower back and runs through the hips down your legs—is pinched, this leads to a shooting pain known as sciatica. Most people with sciatica deal with a shooting back, hip and leg pain down one side of the body. You may also develop numbness or weakness in that area. The good news is that if sciatica doesn’t heal on its own, that’s when our Richmond, VA, chiropractor can provide treatment.

When Should I Seek Care?

While sciatica can undoubtedly go away on its own, it’s a good idea to turn to our Richmond, VA, chiropractor if,

  • Your sciatica pain lasts more than seven days
  • You’re not sure you’re dealing with sciatica pain
  • You develop numbness or weakness in the leg, hips or back
  • Your symptoms don’t improve with rest or painkillers
  • Your pain is getting worse
  • You experience incontinence

Chiropractic Spinal Manipulation Therapy

Spinal manipulation is one of the core chiropractic practices our Richmond, VA, team offers. Spinal manipulation allows us to move and adjust the spine and the areas around it to treat misalignments that could be pinching the sciatic nerve. Through regular manipulation treatment, our Richmond, VA, chiropractor can also reduce nerve inflammation that may be responsible for sciatica.

Lifestyle Changes

Here at our Richmond, VA, practice, our chiropractor Dr. Shaw and team provide therapeutic and non-invasive ways to ease neuromusculoskeletal conditions, injuries and symptoms. This often means that instead of simply recommending pain medication to numb the pain temporarily, we provide more effective options that improve the cause of your sciatic nerve pain. Lifestyle changes can certainly improve your symptoms and may look like,

  • Getting regular low-impact exercise such as a brisk walk
  • Use heat therapy, take a warm shower or apply ice packs to your back or leg (no more than 20 minutes of ice at a time)
  • Perform daily stretches, particularly to the hip and hamstring
  • Improve core strength and back muscles through low-impact strength training
  • Get up and moving throughout the workday, do not stay sitting all day long

Shaw Chiropractic Center is your leading chiropractic clinic in Richmond, VA, treating everything from sciatica to degenerative disc disease. If you are dealing with sciatica pain, Dr. Shaw can provide you with the treatment options you need to get rid of your pain. Call (804) 741-3068 to schedule your consultation.

By Shaw Chiropractic Center
May 12, 2022
Category: Chiropractic Care

It's not easy to find a comfortable position when you're in pain due to sciatica. Often, the slightest movement causes burning or stabbing pain that extends from your lower back to your leg. Fortunately, your Richmond, VA, chiropractor, Dr. Scott Shaw of Shaw Chiropractic Center, offers sciatica treatments that will relieve your pain naturally.

Do you have sciatica?

Sciatica pain happens when a large nerve that travels from your lower back to your legs becomes inflamed, compressed, or irritated. You have two sciatic nerves, one on each side of the body. Usually, the problem only affects one nerve, although it's possible for both legs to be affected in some cases.

You can feel sciatica pain along the entire route of the nerve. In fact, the condition often causes pain in the lower back, buttocks, leg, and foot. Sciatica pain can also be accompanied by numbness, tingling, weakness, or difficulty standing.

You may be more likely to experience sciatica if:

  • You're overweight or obese
  • You have a herniated disk, degenerative disk disease, arthritis, diabetes, spinal stenosis, a bone spur, or another condition
  • You injured your back
  • You lift heavy objects or use twisting movements at work
  • You're sedentary

How your chiropractor can help

Your sciatica treatment at the Richmond, VA, chiropractic office may include one or more of these treatments:

  • Heat and Cold Therapy: Heat relieves muscle tensions and spasms, while cold therapy reduces inflammation. Both therapies are helpful in easing pain.
  • Spinal Manipulation: Spinal manipulation realigns the vertebrae in your spine, reducing pressure on the sciatic nerve. Your chiropractic uses a quick thrusting motion to align your spine during spinal manipulation therapy. The treatment also relaxes your muscles and tissues, makes it easier to move without pain, and improves blood flow.
  • Spinal Decompression Therapy: Spinal decompression therapy reduces pressure on your sciatic nerve by applying gentle pressure that stretches your spine.

Are you tired of living with sciatica? Make an appointment with your chiropractor in Richmond, VA, Dr. Shaw of Shaw Chiropractic center, for sciatica treatment. Call (804) 741-3068 to schedule your visit.

By Shaw Chiropractic Center
March 17, 2022
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Do you have a few aches and pains after an auto accident? Auto injury treatment offered by your Richmond, VA, chiropractor, Dr. Scott Shaw of Shaw Chiropractic Center, offers a completely natural way to relieve your pain and stiffness.

How you benefit from chiropractic treatment

A visit to the Richmond, VA, chiropractic office for auto injury treatment can be helpful if you have:

  • Whiplash: Whiplash affects about 2/3 of all people who've been in accidents, according to the American Chiropractic Association. Whiplash strains or damages ligaments, muscles or spinal discs when your neck "whips" back and forth suddenly during the accident. Chiropractic treatment reduces inflammation and pain and improves blood circulation and range of motion in your neck. Your treatment plan may include spinal manipulation (or "adjustment"), a hands-on treatment that realigns the vertebrae in your spine, easing pain.
  • Muscle Spasms: Muscle spasms are particularly common after an accident and can cause days or weeks of pain. Your chiropractor may use massage, spinal manipulation and other treatments to ease spasms. In addition to reducing spasms, massage also increases the production of endorphins, your body's natural painkillers. Spasms can be due in part to the strain on muscles caused by misaligned vertebrae. When your spine is properly aligned with spinal manipulation, tight muscles and tissues will begin to loosen.
  • Stiffness: Stiffness can be caused by inflamed tissues or the formation of scar tissue. Scar tissue builds up around injured areas, limiting your ability to move your body easily and without pain. Your chiropractor uses several treatments to break up scar tissue, including massage and soft tissue manipulation.

Prescription pain medication is effective in controlling pain, but the results are only temporary. Chiropractic treatments target the source of your pain rather than just treating your symptoms. Since no drugs are used, you won't have to worry about unpleasant side effects or addiction. Thanks to your chiropractic treatments, you may be able to stop taking prescription or over-the-counter medications or at least reduce the amount of the medication you must take to control your pain.

Improve your painful symptoms with auto injury treatment. Call your chiropractor in Richmond, VA, Dr. Shaw of Shaw Chiropractic Center, at (804) 741-3068 to schedule your appointment.

By Shaw Chiropractic Center
January 11, 2022
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How your chiropractor in Richmond, VA, can help with sciatica

If are suffering from sciatica, you already know how painful and debilitating it can be. The sharp, stabbing pain you feel in your lower back, buttocks, and legs can keep you from enjoying your life. The good news is your chiropractor can help you feel better!

Dr. Scott Shaw at Shaw Chiropractic Center in Richmond, VA, offers a wide range of chiropractic services, including sciatica treatment.

You can experience sciatic nerve pain when the sciatic nerve Is compressed due to a damaged or herniated disk, or if a bone spur is pressing on the nerve.

Most people with sciatic will experience:

  • A pain that runs from the lower back, down the buttocks, and into the lower leg
  • A pain that is sharp and stabbing like an electrical shock
  • A pain that is a dull ache or numbness and tingling

You are at greater risk of developing sciatica if you:

  • Are older or are diabetic
  • Have spinal changes due to aging
  • Carry excess weight, which causes spinal stress
  • Sit in one position for long periods of time
  • Have an occupation causing you to lift heavy objects or twist

There are a few simple remedies you can try which may relieve sciatic pain. Remember to:

  • Apply hot and cold packs to ease pain
  • Stretch regularly to remain flexible
  • Take over-the-counter anti-inflammatory or pain medications

For recurrent, moderate to severe sciatic nerve pain, it’s best to visit your chiropractor, who may recommend:

  • Testing and imaging to determine the cause of your sciatica
  • Manual adjustment and spinal manipulation to realign your spine
  • Therapeutic massage and thermal therapy to relax tense muscles
  • Stretching and gentle exercise to maintain mobility

Don’t let sciatica pain keep you on the couch. To learn more about the signs, symptoms, and treatment of sciatica, call Dr. Scott Shaw at Shaw Chiropractic Center in Richmond, VA. You can reach him in the office by calling (804) 741-3068, so call now!

By Shaw Chiropractic Center
December 07, 2021
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How your chiropractor in Richmond, VA, can help with migraines


If you’ve ever had a migraine, you know that it’s much more than just a headache. Experiencing a migraine can make you feel dizzy, nauseated, and unable to go on with your daily activities. The good news is your chiropractor can help you feel better.

Dr. Scott Shaw of Shaw Chiropractic Center in Richmond, VA, offers a wide variety of chiropractic services, including treatment for migraines.

For mild migraine symptoms, you can try a few simple home remedies, including:

  • Taking over-the-counter pain medications like Tylenol
  • Placing ice packs on your head and neck for 15 minutes several times a day
  • Resting in a darkened room

For moderate to severe migraine pain, it’s best to visit your chiropractor. Common professional treatments for migraines include:

Having a spinal adjustment; adjusting the alignment of your spine can help relieve pressure on your nerves.

Therapeutic massage; hands-on massage of your head, neck, and back can help relax tense muscles and relieve strain.

Facial massage; hands-on massage of your face can help relieve sinus headaches by reducing pressure in your sinuses.

Biofeedback training; biofeedback devices like an electromyogram, or EMG, will monitor the level of tension in your muscles. When you are aware of which areas are tense, it can help you to relax those areas.

Relaxation training; this type of training focuses on deep breathing and meditation, which helps you cope with daily stresses, so you can learn to relax.

Stretching exercises; gentle stretching will help your muscles be relaxed, so you can maintain proper body alignment.

Migraine headaches can keep you from enjoying your life. Chiropractic care for migraines works, and it can work for you too. You can achieve relief from migraine headaches, and it starts with just a phone call.

To learn more about how chiropractic services can help with migraines, call Dr. Scott Shaw of Shaw Chiropractic Center in Richmond, VA, at (804) 741-3068. Call now!

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