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March 11, 2021
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Are you suffering from shoulder pain? If your pain doesn't improve after a little TLC at home, it's a good idea to pay a visit to your Richmond, VA, chiropractor, Dr. Scott Shaw of Shaw Chiropractic Center.

Treating shoulder pain at home

When pain strikes, ice can relieve pain and inflammation naturally. Use an ice pack for the first one to two days after the pain starts. Keep the ice pack on your shoulder for no more than 20 minutes at a time, and wait another 20 minutes to reapply it to prevent frostbite.

After two days, start using a hot water bottle or heating pad on your shoulder instead of ice. Heat increases blood flow to your shoulder, improves your range of motion, and reduces pain, stiffness, and muscle spasms.

When to call the chiropractor

Waiting too long to receive professional treatment for a shoulder injury may increase your risk of chronic pain and limited movement. If your pain doesn't lessen after a week or two, pick up the phone and call the Richmond, VA, chiropractic office. Don't wait a week to call if your shoulder is swollen or bruised, or it's difficult to raise or use your arm.

Chiropractors treat many types of shoulder injuries, including those caused by:

  • Dislocations or instability in the shoulder joint
  • Arthritis
  • Tendinitis
  • Bursitis
  • Spinal misalignment
  • Biceps tendon ruptures
  • Tears in the cartilage that helps keep your arm in your shoulder socket
  • Rotator cuff tears

During your appointment, your chiropractor will examine your shoulder, discuss your symptoms and your medical history, and might recommend diagnostic tests, such as X-rays, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or computed tomography (CT) scans.

Treatment depends on your diagnosis and the severity of your condition. Massage therapy may be used to loosen tight muscles and break apart scar tissue that could limit your range of motion.

Joint mobilization or adjustments may also be used to improve the mobility and alignment of your spine and shoulder joint.

Relieve your shoulder pain with chiropractic care! Call your chiropractor in Richmond, VA, Dr. Shaw of Shaw Chiropractic Center at (804) 741-3068 to schedule your appointment.

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March 10, 2021
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Back pain is a common complaint for many Americans. In fact, approximately 80 percent of us will experience an aching back at some point in our lives, according to Medline Plus. Fortunately, your Richmond, VA, chiropractor, Dr. Scott Shaw of Shaw Chiropractic Center, offers several effective treatments for back pain.

Back pain causes

Back pain can occur for many reasons. You may have hurt your back during a fall or strained it when you picked up a heavy box or moved a refrigerator. Your posture can even trigger back pain. If you sit all day or contort your body into unusual positions when you repair cars or plumbing, you may develop back pain sooner or later.

Pain can occur due to:

  • Subluxations: Subluxations occur when some of the vertebrae in your spine become misaligned.
  • Tightness: Subluxation can cause muscles, tissues, tendons, and ligaments in your back to tighten painfully, decrease your range of motion, and increase your risk of muscle spasms.
  • Nerve Irritation: Misaligned vertebrae or tight muscles or tissues may press on your nerves, causing painful irritation.
  • Sprains and Strains: The muscles in your back can become sprained or strained by injuries or poor posture. Inflammation in the muscles only increases your pain.

Chiropractic treatment relieves your pain

Chiropractors often use spinal manipulation to relieve back pain. The treatment realigns your spine with quick, controlled, hands-on pressure. In addition to relieving pain, aligning your spine also decreases tension on your muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Spinal manipulation helps restore your normal range of motion and improves blood circulation.

Your treatment plan may include other therapies in addition to manipulation, such as cold laser therapy. The therapy reduces pain and swelling, speeds healing, and may decrease muscle spasms.

During your visit to the Richmond chiropractic office, your chiropractor may teach you a few exercises that will help you strengthen your back and core. When your muscles are stronger, subluxations may be less likely to occur.

Maintaining an ideal weight can also help you avoid back pain. If you're interested in losing weight or eating healthy, you'll receive nutritional counseling that will help you achieve your goals.

Chiropractic care can ease your back pain! Call your chiropractor in Richmond, VA, Dr. Shaw of Shaw Chiropractic Center, at (804) 741-3068 to schedule your appointment.

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March 08, 2021
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Neck pain is one of the most common symptoms of muscle strains, arthritis, and back pain. It could result from various issues such as inflammation, infection, or an injury. But the most common neck pain causes are muscle spasms and strains. Other less common causes include a herniated disk, spinal arthritis, and neck infections.

If you’re unsure what’s causing your neck pain, you can reach out to our chiropractor here at Shaw Chiropractic Center in Richmond, VA, Dr. Scott Shaw, for a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.

Symptoms of Neck Pain

Common neck pain symptoms typically include stiffness, spasms, and tenderness in the neck. Likewise, anything that negatively impacts the neck’s tissues and bones, such as nerve damage, osteoarthritis, muscle pulls, and swollen lymph nodes, could be a symptom of and contribute to neck pain.

Symptoms related to more serious neck pain cases include reduced mobility, leg and/or arm weakness, leg and/or arm numbness, losing bowel control, and losing bladder control. Other symptoms that might develop with a neck infection are swollen neck glands, headache, vomiting, nausea, fever, skin redness, and neck swelling.

In some cases, individuals likewise experience significantly reduced range of motion of the head, neck soreness, general discomfort, tenderness, and muscle tightness and stiffness.

Neck Pain Treatments

If neck pain is due to wear and year, overexertion, or poor posture, home treatments such as resting, massage, OTC pain medications, ergonomic adjustments, and hot or cold compresses may work to ease your symptoms. Your chiropractor in Richmond, VA, can also perform cervical traction, also known as traction for the spine.

During a traction session, tension will be placed on your head so that your chiropractor can pull it away from your neck to effectively stretch the ligaments and muscles surrounding the spinal vertebrae and expand spaces between the vertebrae. In turn, the strained muscles can relax, and any pinched nerve will be released.

For Neck Pain Relief, Reach Out to Us

Schedule an assessment with your chiropractor, Dr. Scott Shaw of Shaw Chiropractic Center in Richmond, VA, by dialing (804) 741-3068.

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November 30, 2020
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We rely on our hips to help us walk, squat or climb a flight of stairs. Our hip joints allow us to enjoy an active lifestyle, playing in the park with our children or going for a walk with a friend. When our hip joint isn't working correctly, it can eventually affect overall wellness. If you live in Richmond, VA and have hip pain, you can find relief by visiting a chiropractor. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Scott Shaw and learn ways to alleviate your pain. Read on to discover how a chiropractor can treat pain relating to your hips.

When you visit your doctor complaining of hip pain, your doctor will learn your medical history and give you a physical examination. They may order an x-ray to help determine what is causing your hip pain.

Causes of Hip Pain

You may have hip pain because of one of several reasons. You may experience hip pain because of

  • Arthritis
  • Sciatica
  • Injury
  • Osteoporosis
  • A pinched nerve
  • Other health issues

Hip Pain Treatment

Hip pain treatment varies. Your doctor will recommend treatment depending on the cause of your hip pain. For example, your doctor may recommend applying ice to your hip. They may also prescribe rest. Other patients may need anti-inflammatory medications. Cortisone injections can help with inflammation as well. If you have a fractured hip, you will require surgery.

Dr. Scott Shaw will help diagnose your hip pain and devise a treatment plan. Visiting a chiropractor may even help you avoid surgery and prescription medications.

Schedule Your Visit

Don't let hip pain prevent you from doing all the things you love. Visit Dr. Scott Shaw at Shaw Chiropractic Center. If you live in Richmond and have hip pain, Dr. Shaw can help you strengthen your hip joint and treat your discomfort. Schedule an appointment today by calling 804-741-3068.

By Shaw Chiropractic Center
July 20, 2020
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Headaches are certainly inconvenient and can cause mild to severe pain or discomfort that makes it difficult to get through the day, particularly for individuals dealing with migraines. Depending on the severity of a headache, pain relief medications are not always completely effective. Chiropractic treatment is an effective method for alleviating headache pain for patients struggling with chronic headaches or migraines. At Shaw Chiropractic Center in Richmond VA, chiropractic headache treatment options can be discussed with Dr. Scott Shaw.

How Chiropractic Treatments Can Help

Many effective chiropractic techniques can be utilized in the treatment of chronic headaches, tension headaches, and migraines. Some of the Richmond headache treatment methods practiced at our office include:

  • Relaxation training
  • Spinal manipulation
  • Chiropractic adjustments
  • Ergonomic recommendations
  • Exercises for improving posture
  • Acupuncture

Muscle tension and joint inflammation in the neck and upper back often occur in conjunction with headaches. Minimizing tension and inflammation can help alleviate headache pain, as well as potentially reduce or prevent future headaches. One way to relieve tension in these areas and provide Richmond headache treatment is by performing chiropractic adjustments or spinal manipulation.

Other ways to minimize or resolve the inflammation and tension that can lead to headaches include relaxation training, exercises to improve posture, and the use of ergonomic equipment. Acupuncture can also be helpful. With this method, fine needles are used to stimulate the immune and circulatory systems, which can potentially provide relief from headaches and migraines. Our skilled chiropractor can recommend specific treatment options for treating your headaches to help you achieve long-lasting relief.

Chronic headaches, tension headaches, and migraines can all interfere with the ability to complete important tasks and can affect your quality of life. Chiropractic treatment can reduce muscle tension and joint inflammation and provide headache relief. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Scott Shaw to discuss chiropractic headache treatments by calling Shaw Chiropractic Center in Richmond VA at (804) 741-3068.

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