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By Dr. Scott Shaw
December 16, 2014
Category: Chiropractic Care
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Find out if your shoulder pain is actually indicative of a larger issue.

If you are experiencing shoulder pain, your Richmond chiropractor is here to tell you whether this minor pain could actually be something bigger.


Shoulder injuries can occur at any time but are most often found in those who participate in athletics like swimming or tennis. If you Shoulder painnotice shoulder stiffness, limited mobility, weakness, or feeling as if your shoulder could pop out, then you need to see your doctor immediately for treatment. Shoulder injuries can also cause other issues like bursitis or tendonitis. If you experience intense shoulder pain, this could be indicative of a fractured bone.


While shoulder pain is often caused by an injury, you might be surprised to hear that a disease could also be the culprit for your discomfort. Pain that travels from your arm to your shoulder could be caused by arthritis, liver disease, heart disease, or even gallbladder disease. The best way to diagnose this problem is to see your Richmond doctor for a proper evaluation.

Heart attack

There are times in which shoulder pain can actually be caused by something more serious that needs immediate medical attention. For many who experience a heart attack, pain starts in the chest and then spreads to the shoulder, arms, jaw and even abdomen. You may just experience shoulder pain without chest pain and the pain may come and go. If you also notice an irregular heartbeat, fatigue, nausea, weakness or chest heaviness, you need to see a doctor immediately.

If you are dealing with shoulder pain in Richmond, it’s time to do something about it. If you have shoulder pain and are at an increased risk for a heart attack, you need to seek medical attention immediately.

However, if your shoulder pain is more minor, chiropractic care can leave you feeling better. We want to eliminate your pain and get you back to enjoying the things you love. If you want to find out how your Richmond chiropractor can help you, call us!

Scott Shaw, DC
Dr. Shaw is a graduate of the University of Florida and Life Chiropractic College. He has completed post graduate studies specializing in the Activator Methods chiropractic technique.

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